Report of Pakistani Christian Asylum Seekers by Dove Foundation


International Challenges faced by Asylum Seekers in Thailand. As Thailand never signed the 1951 UN refugee convention that protect the rights of refugees and in Thailand thousands of Pakistani Christian Seekers seek refuge. However Pakistani Christians feel as UNHCR is having its head quarter in Bangkok so it would be a good option for them and more over its easy to get visa of Thailand. The majority of the Pakistani Christians who faced lots of persecution and discrimination in Pakistan fleeing from Pakistan consider Bangkok is the right and safe place for them to start their lives safely. It is easy to obtain Thai tourist visas which allow them to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand for 60 days.

 Even many of them were shocked to discover that after 60 days they will be considered as illegal migrants in the Thailand. The certificate issued by the UNHCR has no legal values. The most crucial situation faced by asylum seekers and refugees is the non-acceptance of asylum/refugee certificates from immigration and police as a valid reason to stay in Thailand. UNHCR Bangkok is not capable to help asylum seekers when caught on road or in homes by Thai authorities. The certificate has no legal value to provide security. Asylum Seekers are in continuous trauma due to this situation.

Children are mostly affected as they fear to be caught by authorities and separated from their parents. Living Conditions Families consist of 5 to 6 members are living in single room in a buildings. The room size is small to fit the whole family. The gallery is used as kitchen and places to dry wash clothes. Due to often crack down the families are almost closed inside these small rooms. This is a major cause of psychological pressure among the pregnant females and small children. Medical issues Un hygienic environment results in often fever, cough, diarrhea, and skin infections. Children are usually sick due to the sudden change in climate and asylum seekers are unable to get medical treatment due un sufficient funds. Lack of food is another reason of sick children.

Education is basic right of every child to have an environment where he/she can grow and have proper education. Language difference and practically no arrangements on ground to provide education for kids is another big reason of mental stress among the kids and youth .Long period for results delay from UNHCR is destroying the next generation’s future, they are in strange situation where parents are already unsure what to do and where to go? It directly effects on overall child’s health in every aspect. Our Efforts Dove foundation international started different projects after having necessary survey, and the initial survey report identified serious threats to asylum seeker community.

1. Dove foundation international, after knowing the gravity of the situation, decided to start a food project in International Detention Center to assist the arrested asylum seekers. The biggest problem was food as the authorities provide sticky cucumber soup and boiled rice, which results in malnutrition. Medical conditions are extremely poor and medicines are not allowed from outside. Dove foundation is trying to improve the situation by providing food in International detention center but much more is required as the food is being provided to more than 100 persons.

2. Food packages are also provide every month to those asylum seekers who are hiding in houses. Dozens of families were assisted in relocating and also helped in house rents in new places.

3.During in different situations Dove foundation international also helped a number of families with different medical problems. Our Request We humbly request (Dove Foundation International) to all our brothers and sisters in Christ. Please help us in this very noble cause with your prayers and finance so we can help our brothers and sister because we are one body of Christ. And our brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering in Thailand because of their faith as they can’t go back to Pakistan because that is extremely dangerous for them.

We can only continue our mission with your help because: Our mission is very simple and is based truly on the commandment of Jesus mentioned in the book of Matthew  chapter 25, to provide support to those who are hungry and poor and in any kind of need. As per Matthew 25 we know that the believers (Church) are asked to endure the good works, of charity and good works according to the ability, are necessary to our salvation. God will judge the world through His son, His appearance as judge will be splendid and glorious. Who himself is a virtue (Sign ) of love and sacrifice. And who has commanded us.  Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. So please take your step forward to help your brothers and sisters who put their eyes upon us.
Sincerely Yours,

Dove Foundation International.

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